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Welcome to  EvictionNotice!

  Hello, and welcome to Eviction Notice :) As most of you know, this is the original FFXI dynamis LS. Please keep in mind, this is, and always will be a FFXI dynamis LS. With the new release of FFXIV. We are evolving Eviction Notice , into a FFXIV social LS.  As a Linkshell, our goal is to provide a hub. to assist all members as they move forward with the new mmorpg. Please utilize the forums to ask for assistance, or to  assist other members. If we all work together IE: crafts, items, jobs info, etc.. we can create a wonderfull atmosphere. to make this new experience fun for all. We hope you enjoy your stay with us, and all we ask is that you respect others as if they were family :)

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Dynamis -Buburuma

Mafundzalow, Jan 4, 11 8:38 PM.
We had a great run.. SE definitely increased the drop rate for relic :) Got the win and 37 total relic... Second run in a row with over 35 total relic :) Congratz to people who received the relic they needed :)


Mafundzalow, Dec 3, 10 7:00 PM.
Dynamis Beaucedine.. had great run. Got the win for our resident Galka! Congratz to the following who received relic :)

Aarie : Bard's Justacorps & Melee Cyclas :

Bard's Justaucorps
Melee Cyclas

Alustriel : Pantin tobe ;

File:Pantin Tobe.png

Castlevania : Bard's justaucorrps :

Bard's Justaucorps

Cornelious : Abyss Cuirass :

Abyss Cuirass

Demonbezerker : Monster Gaiters :

Monster Gaiters

Elber : Commodore Frac :


Elwe : Commodore Frac :


Giannah : Cleric's Briault & Bard's Justaucorps :

Bard's Justaucorps

Halogod : Warrior's Cuisses :

Warrior's Cuisses

Jaydee : Monster Gaiters & Assassin's Culottes :

Monster Gaiters
Assassin's Culottes

Lyrick : Summoner's Doublet :


Pandomarkus : Assassin's Culottes :

Assassin's Culottes

Triquarter : Monster Gaiters & Cleric's Briault :

Monster Gaiters

Shiruku : Commodore Frac :


Dynamis -tavnazia

Mafundzalow, Nov 27, 10 7:19 AM.
Our first Tavnazia was a great success.. did alot of farming.. and should have recieved the win, had we known the ???'s were Congratz to the following the received relic :)

Spira : Warrior's Lorica :

Warrior's Lorica

Demonberzerker : Wyrm Mail & Mirage Jubbah :

Wyrm Mail

Mirage Jubbah

RGtheone : Scout's socks :


Castlvania : Warrior's Cuisses :

Warrior's Cuisses

Dynamis Xarc

Mafundzalow, Nov 12, 10 10:14 PM.
Dynamis-Xarcabard   Great run to all & congratz on Shadow Lord win!! Only downfall to 4 hours in xarc.. 3 relic :( Boo SE!!. I say Boo to you!

Arie : Wyrm Armet :

Wyrm Armet

Gianah : Shadow Mantle :

Shadow Mantle

Uneac : Sorcerer's Petasos :

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